Peace By Piece

Peace By Piece is a series documenting my work with “unbroken meditation”, a practice undertaken over the course of a year in which I broke a piece of porcelain every day, slowly putting it back together.

Throughout the process I documented my practice, sorting and arranging the pieces and carefully putting them back together. Once completed I documented, through a series of photographs, the reconstructed piece and titled it with a phrase that indicated an event from that day. Every day I broke one piece of china to remind myself nothing is unbreakable and put it back together to remind myself everything I break can be fixed.

Every reconstructed piece represented a day. Some days stood on their own, separate from the rest, signaling a moment in time that changed my life forever while other more mundane days simply bled into one another.

The photographs displayed are representative of days that have particularly meaningful pieces in my year, detailing an important day in the growth and development of not only the artistic process of the project but of my life as a whole. Altogether there are 365 photographs, ranging from February 20th, 2014, to February 20th, 2015.

Throughout the exercise I often spent hours every day lost in my practice, fingers cut and bleeding, smashing pieces of china that were not only expensive, but emotionally and sentimentally valuable to people I have met throughout life. I quickly learned that it is not easy to put back together that which has been broken. I became more careful, progressing in my technique and finding new ways to reconstruct the broken shards of china.

While nothing can be the same, it can be new and beautiful through its imperfections. We can fix that which has been broken. We are not only a sum of our past.

A broken cup may still hold water.